Friday, March 7, 2014

Interior color combinations #4 - Tan/blue

This is the fourth part of the interior color combinations. We started this series of blog entries a while ago to talk/ discuss different color schemes and combinations you can choose. Choosing a color is an ambivalent choice to make sometimes and the main goal of this series of posts is to help you pick you color schemes for your house whatever the room and the area is. 

The combinations we are discovering/discussing today is : Tan / blue or light blue. 
First impression i have when i see this combination of colors is a feeling of serenity, tranquility. It reminds me somehow of the beach side colors schemes. tan for the sand and light blue for the sea color. 

Tan is derived from Brown, so this warmed up atmosphere you get and feel comes from this color mix. 
Light blue is a well known color in the interior design creation and decor specificity. it brings a sort of - as i said before - tranquility and comfort. 

For this color schemes, in my opinion, it's preferable to use a warming up lighting for living rooms( not too bright ) for nights and a bright lighting (LED is a great choice) for bathrooms as you can see in the last photo. In other hand, this combination can be applied in different areas and rooms: living rooms ( fig 1, 2, 3, 4) and bathroom ( fig 5 ) the combination could be successful choice for every room and that's the great thing about it. 

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