Saturday, September 7, 2013

20 creative space saving ideas for home


Space is a big issue in small apartments or houses with big families. even larger places some times lack of space especially when its lived by compulsive buyers..I remember watching a TV show when they visit celebrities in their huge places which often lack space for storing stuff : Weird!

Sometimes, we find out that we didn't manage space of our houses for many reasons but the main reason is : our house or our interior design lacks of well-organized storage system and here comes the dilemma.

Fortunately, creative minds are here for ideas to save space for storing books, shoes, kitchen/bathroom/desk storage, etc...

Actually, you can do some of the ideas above yourself and some - if you think they are suitable for your place - you can save them to your laptop and call some one able to make them.

The projects/gadgets or ideas differ from each other but with a common goal : How to make best use of space.

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