Saturday, November 16, 2013

Interior colors combinations #1 - Beige/Red

I always want to start this series of posts about colors combinations. i see too many questions on the web about how to paint a living room wall or what color suits another one for furniture and accessories. so, i'm starting this series of blog entries ( i hope it stays alive ) to give ideas for people with this dilemma of color combination or in general give ideas for choosing some combinations of colors.

This series of combinations are based on my taste and my favorite colors but i'm sure you all will like these combinations.

first combination for tonight : Beige/Red for living rooms

Beige is a brown color as we know, suitable for warm lively interiors.
Red is color associated with passion, love. great one for breaking and giving a happy look for a beige interior. so we have here a warm color and another one for giving more joy ( ? )

I believe the combination has always been a win in my opinion. i'll illustrate this post and the whole series with ideas ( photos ) to make you discover and see ( why not love ) the combination.

I don't see much beige/red here but i wanted to post it. Ok red pillow with beige closet and beige door. Nice space.

Red pillows and some red in the paintings with beige sofa. i just love this combination of red/beige and how it was illustrated/done here.

Ok now, we see more red with a red sofa and a warm look with a beige carpet. both contaminated again in the chairs and the pillows stripped. 

Now a beige sofa with a red table and some parts of the curtain. both combinated in the painting. Nice living room. 

The combination is well illustrated here with this large red sofa with beige chair

A red wall with a gorgeous gallery wall. i see some beige on the sofa and the curtains 

Chic living room with a red wall again, beige sofa and a beige chair and another one red. the combination of the colors is a win as well. 

Maybe this one is some how a sad one but i just love the warm feeling its giving to the eyes. red wall with beige furniture. i like. :)


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