Sunday, July 14, 2013

20 fantastic grey living rooms


Grey living rooms are always warm, lively and cozy. You always feel relaxed and peaceful in a grey space.

Grey living rooms are trendy nowadays and original since they stay suitable with any other colors for decor ( Red, Green.. )

I must admit some people get quickly bored of this selection of basic colors ( Grey, Black..) but they stay a safe choice and a successful for many reasons:

  • They go well with every color schemes and combinations.
  • They offer a great presentation of any lighting ( LED, light lighting.. )
  • They are available in every interiors creators collections since they are basic colors. There are more chances you could see a grey color available in a sofa collection than pink or yellow..

i'm posting here 20 fantastic grey living rooms, hope these ones inspires you.

Personally, i like the red-grey combination done here, that small red bookshelf breaks the grey touch.

Pillows are always a good addition to a sofa in a living room, the combination of colors need some creativity, the creators of this one here opt for grey, white for a grey sofa. that table is just rustic and elegant. 

Another combination with the grey : the sky blue, a good alternative to the red. but red is still my fav. 

Too much pillows ? No. That mass of cushions gave the room a comfortable look.. you just want to lounge there with a book or an iced tea. 

Start your grey living room by this 5 star Amazon customers review dark-grey sofa.

Classy, elegant: basic furniture, a professional look. 

Get thes two outdoor/indoor pillows from Amazon to complete your grey living room look.


  1. Do you know where to get the coffee table in pic 12?

  2. Where can I get that amazing wood coffee table??


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