Thursday, October 24, 2013

11 gorgeous attic bedrooms. How to design an attic bedroom ?

You know whats special about an attic bedroom : the shape of the roof of the ceiling of course. this shape influences the design of the attic space. today in this new blog entry : we'll discover together clever ideas for design an attic bedroom. 

this one is minimalist with white furniture. you can see big windows in the both sides of this attic bedroom to cool the space up for hot summer. Attic bedroom can be so hot in summers. 

Great bed placement for this one. using the most of the space with placing the bed in the corner. large windows and bookshelves. this a is a great design idea for small attic bedroom. the furniture is gorgeous as well with this colorful wall painting. 

Chic and elegant. this is how can i describe this one. this room take advantage of the high ceiling for a wall gallery. the furniture of the bed is good. 

This one is masculine with a minimalist look. the window behind is a great source or way for cooling up the space. big hype for the pillows. 

you know an attic space doesn't need to have a country or rustic look to be an attic space. proof is here : modern bedroom with modern furniture. it is a bit larger compared with the other attic bedrooms. 

there is some space wasting in this attic bedroom but i posted just for the low-level bed over there. nice one as well. 

another idea for bed placement with bedroom. a reading nook or a sofa over the right below the ceiling and the window and the bed is place horizontally in the room. nice and elegant bedroom. 

this one have a country and rustic look with simple furniture but still lively with this great lighting. 

another minimalist space with clean lines. 3 windows for cooling up which is as i wrote before when its hot. 

I think this one must be my favorite one. with this blue touch and this fantastic bed. Wow

the ceiling is higher again which allows the designer to make us of the space with a closet for storage. the colors are lively and cool here.


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