Monday, October 21, 2013

10 fantastic low-level livng rooms

The thing i like about low-level living rooms is the comfort they offer and their originality. a low level living room is always caracterised by a low furtniture and espcially low sofas. 

As we can see here.. the low level of the sofa and the table is just magnificen and offer more comfort and accessibility.

I just love this sofa. beige sofa has always been trendy and original. the rustic table is the icing on the cake

This one is more chic and modern with fanstatic lighting. the sofa is great and comfortable ( you can see the cat taking a nap there lol )

As i wrote before, the grey-red combination is always a win, proof here with this nice living room. 

This one is special : rustic and gypsy in some way... the bed or the sofa is too long wich offer more comfort and space for pillows.

Another beige living sofa with nice chairs. what i like the most about this one is the indoor plants, they add a lively touch to the whole place.

Another chic and modern low level living room with a fantastic furniture..

minimalist, chic and modern with a nice low-level table i like !


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