Wednesday, March 9, 2016

More Grey/White living rooms: 10 splendid living rooms

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This post is a continuation to the post about grey living room posted on 7/14/13. That blog entry is having an interesting number of visitors. I decided to write a second port to this series. 

Grey / White was and will still be a safe choice for a charming, warm and nice colors combination. The common thing about these white/grey living rooms is the calm and warm energy they give.

For a good decor final touch, we recommend using some non-grey/white paintings to break the color combination and give a perfect decor touch. Another alternative is putting some interior plants to help break the boredom if grey is the unique color for your future living room, interior plants have a lot of benefits besides that. 

I have been browsing the web and listed these 10 design ideas. Hope you like them.

This one is my favourite one, i like how the stripped pillows break the grey/white living room with a nice dark color theme. The table also is a must.

I tried to find similar furniture to make you compose the previous living room if you like, links above :) 



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