Monday, July 21, 2014

Room corners : Best place to place a workstation and save space

Hello everyone,

Yes! It's been a while since i have updated The Grey Home. Been busy with life, new job; so i had to manage my time cleverly. now that i have more free time i'll post some entries. Hope everyone is doing great today.

The kitchen organization ideas post is one of the most visited entries of this blog. if that's has one meaning is people are looking for ideas for managing small or big space.

For achieving or at least helping you with some inspirational ideas on the web. i'm writing this blog entry about work places. choosing a place for working at home is not always a easy choice. I'm planning as well to change my 'work station' at my house and been browsing recently the web for ideas and came across a lot of ideas which have in common: Corners.

Placing your desk/work place in a corner can be a great decision for many reasons: There are in market a lot of desk for this purpose. so you won't be having trouble a desk suitable for this kind of space, Space saver place, etc..

seen here
The idea in the photo inspired me. so i started browsing Amazon for desk suitable for this kind of place and found some:

find this item here 

find this item here 
Find this item here

Work modes have been changed a lot, more people prefer working at home. therfore, the necessity of having a work place at home is pertinent. Plus, the great thing is about this idea is you wont having trouble thinking about space: our rooms always have four corners, 2 are often occupied by bed or some arrangements. so why won't you allow one corner for your new work station if you have not done it ? :)


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