Thursday, February 27, 2014

Organizing and storing cleaning supplies/materials

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Storing cleaning supplies is a tough task sometimes due to the space those supplies and materials take in kitchen or wherever they're stored. In general, kitchens always need space and some clever ways for storing the supplies and materials used in its activity.  

One of the popular spots for storing cleaning supplies is the space under the kitchen sink(5 and 7). it's a great spot for storing cleaning materials, paper towels, etc...

Also, around the sink it's great to have a space for storing sponges and dishcloths when they're not being used as the image (1) shows. 

Now for supplies often used and not always such as moops and brooms, it's preferable to find a space which is a bit out of the kitchen but still easy to access. the images ( 2 and 3) show great ideas of storage for this task. 

Moops and broms hangers (4) are efficient as well for storing and organizing cleaning supplies. 

Here is a list of ideas that might be inspiring for you and some items you could be interested in. Good luck. : )

- Expandable over the sink shelf : 

- 5 slots holder/organizer for cleaning supplies : 

- Under sink storage shelving system : 

- Cleaning caddy : I love this idea


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