Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Making best use of space for your dinners : 13 Small gorgeous dining areas

I tell you the scenario of things: you have been recently googling and searching for small dinning room area ideas.. so you just kept googling and searching for ideas and hop you came here to the grey home. Thank you for your visit. Actually, this is not the best post about how to make a great dining area with little space. 

Ok, your new house or the old one you're living in currently lack of space, it's ok large big houses are not always the best.. remember everything's small is cute. now you're thinking how to manage this space for a gorgeous dining area. ideas on this post have been found online (magazines, web searches..) the best ones were kept and other i didn't post them. 

Dining area is a place for eating which means more food and accessories for food. so we need to manage and figure out how to make best use of the space without making things complicated: the dining table must be the main item in this area and must be chosen in function of the size of the space your have. 

Lighting, lighting and lighting. an important detail, it cane make a space look larger/smaller. take in consideration this detail. 

Ok, i let your discover these design idea.. some are basic, others are more finished ( with decor and accessories)

Good luck.


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