Saturday, February 22, 2014

Facing laundry room organization dilemma ? 13 gorgeous well-organized laundry rooms

Organization is the key for the beauty of every place in our houses. it needs time, some resumption and some clever idea and tips and that's why this blog entry is for. 

Disorganization is always causing us frustration. Fortunately, there are some tips for a better organization: 

  • Buy some closets for cleaning supplies ( detergents, sprays.. ) so you can "hide" them and organize them at the same time.
  • Use vertical space of your laundry rooms for storing those closets.
  • Think of the possibility of building a sliding door for a closet for cleaning supplies and machines as the image (2) shows
  • Fix a day for laundry and washing your clothes. So you can avoid daily or weekly organization. That will affect and organize your schedule for this task.
  • An efficient laundry area needs storage space arranged around the washer and dryer. A long deep shelf or shelves placed directly above the machines adds room for frequently used supplies.
  • Every laundry area needs counter space for folding, storing and mending clothes. A fold-down counter with an easy-to-clean laminate surface adds convenience in cramped quarters.
For decor : an original painting color and a nice carpet will make your laundry special and a lovely place you will get used to love to go to.

I hope these design ideas photos from the web will help you with some inspiration and if you have some personal tips.. post them. Good luck


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