Friday, February 28, 2014

Choosing a color for painting interior walls#1 : Navy


Wall painting was/is/will always be a big/hard ? choice to make. That's why i'm starting these series to discuss with you wall painting choices. This is the first one of them and i chose... Navy. 

When choosing a color for wall painting some of us prefer not to risk and take a racy color and stay basic choosing grey, white or beige. I love those, but some times being different has some charm and some originality. 

OK, Let's talk about this color : We all agree that's a deep dark color but if when it comes to choosing this color in our interiors, it gives what ? Personally, I find thid color too elegant and chic. Navy can be a win in every room and area in our houses and that's what the photos posted above prove: 

Living room ( figs 1,2,4,5) : Doesn't it give some virility and charm when combined with brown shades and lines, I think yes. I just love all these design ideas and walls.

Bathroom (figs 8, 9) : When it was chosed in bathroom, it had a big effect on the lighting of the area: it could bright the irea up or warm it up. Different lighting but still a sophisticated results.

Beds (figs 3,4) : for a headboard or the whole wall, the navy painting gave a feeling of comfort. It's a win in beds when combined with white.

Kitchen (fig ) : Yes you can paint your kitchen walls with this color, proof is the last photo : clean and minimalist lines with a bueatiful gallery wall white framed. that was a huge choice but it's a win. 

Enjoy your weekend. : )


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