Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The beauty of roman shades : 10 models and design ideas to inspire you

The things i love about roman shades are:  they are easy-to-operate and reliable. Roman shades are available in the market with a large choice of colors; more, the shades and valance style are personalized. 

the models i'm posting here are used in different rooms of the house: living rooms, kitchen and bathrooms.. there is no rule for using them.. and every use and idea of these - in my opinion - was a win in term of elegance and simplicity..

There is no doubt that the colors of the roman shades you are planning to buy must be base on the colors of the room identity and colors you want to build ones for. 

There are some diy ( do it yourself ) project for building ones yourself. i didn't experience those projects but diy projects must be a good alternative to the market if you follow greatly the steps of the project. Good luck! 

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