Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Chic apartment at Cracow Old Town

This gorgeous chic apartment is a well done project at Cracow's Old Town. The specificity i love about this work is the clever solutions for natural lighting. The designer behind this project managed to use most of the sunlight by building these large windows. plus, the bathroom is a chic elegant win and again the lighting of this room was well managed. 

The man behind this project describes it as follow : 

"Presented project is an interior design of a high standard apartment in one of the tenement houses in Cracow’s Old Town. Merging two flats gives a result of an autonomous dwelling built on ergonomic spaces. Construction wall conditions assigned apartment into two zones: the first for guests – daytime and the second private – night time.
The Daytime zone is built on a lounge, dining and kitchen module. Dimensions of the room create space to breath for the whole apartment, emphasizing at the same time the role of this space as a place for a common, daily, family life. In the same area a guest room is located with exchangeable home office functions - and a small bathroom. The Night Time zone, a strictly private area, includes two bedrooms, main bathroom and technical room. Isolating this part of the apartment with the internal corridor marks out privacy boundaries clearly. Each of the two apartment parts have ascribed functions and independent supportive installation systems. For both of them, there is an air-conditioning system with additional heating function as an alternative and support for a wintertime standard heater system. Also the lightning and sound system is individually controlled by wall panels and mobile applications. In each of the bedrooms and lounge area there is an extended version of the audio-video system installed.
An additional feature for a housewife is a central vacuum cleaner that helps to keep the apartment in perfect order. Interior design equipment was designed and selected in mind of modern expression which gives balance to the existing identity of the place. Finishing materials were also taken from high quality selections, composed and modeled together to express character of the nearby Old Town. Individually designed furniture and programmed installations make everyday usage simple and most importantly - comfortable."

Project by : Bart ZAPOJ


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