Thursday, November 7, 2013

15 gorgeous home offices - design and decor ideas for you home office.

We all need a space for work in the evening when we got home and in the weekends. 1m² place for working on different things ( finishing work, hobbies, writing, blogging, etc... ). We want this private space to be reflecting our personality or the nature of our work ( Art, reading,...). 

A home office is composed of a work desk, a chair and some shelves and then come the accessories that differ each home office to another ( a clock, wall gallery, painting, etc... )

i'm blogging this evening about home offices after browsing several design ideas for this space that can be sometimes essential to some people. 

Lets discover these ideas.

what i like the most about this one is how the owner of this one use most of the space without being too complicated. a chic chair and a gallery wall. i can see as well a beautiful vintage clock. i like !

this one is more spacious and lively with these beautiful indoor plants ( the snake plant and the jade plant and beautiful white rose. yes there is more stuff in this one ( more papers, more materials..) but still a cool one. 

Simple, very simple i can say.. but the special thing about this one is the written lines on the wall. very original

Wow is all i can say.. spacious, simple, very chic and original. some times we just need to make it simple.. well organized and look at this chair you just want to stay there and start writing or reading. 

indoor plants seduced me again to post this one. a personal computer with few stuff. nice rustic table.

Vintage lovers! this tow are for you. very rustic and original. 

I like this one for its clean lines and for the plants there and the chair as well. nice one

I already wrote an entry about wall gallery. this home office is making use of the coolness of wall galleries for an elegant touch of decor. 

You know why i love about those tow : the stripped wall. stripes have always been gorgeous wherever you use them. +1 for the chairs

Classy one.

the special thing about those two is how they are organized. the shelves as well.


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