Sunday, November 24, 2013

11 gorgeous grey beds for a warm and cozy bedroom


Grey is one of my favorite colors for interiors, bedroom and living room furniture. It displays a warm and soft identity and feeling. Grey is a great colors for minimalist and simplist living/bed rooms. 

The great thing about grey is the fact is that easy to combine since it's not a complicated and rare color and when its softness is broken by another bright color ( red, orange, brown ) the combination is definelty a win. 

Same for living rooms, grey beds are warm and cozy ones. the lighting of this kind of rooms is always light and often bright. 

I've been browsing the web this evening for models and photos and came up with some great beds. I'm sure your eyes will end up feeling and living the softness of this warm color. 

Wow i really love this bed: the material and the disorganized look, original and different and the hanging lamp is the icing on the cake. 

Well used large bed here. a bed+small sofa to make use of the attic space. the combination is a classic : Grey + While : brother colors. 

not sure if its black or navy blue but the look of this bed is definitely manly. I really appreciate this one.

Too warm. All i can say.

This one is elegant: the material of the bed and this black table are main details and keys of its elegance.

You can see here how easy to combine grey with other colors. brown carpet and green plants for a lively touch of decor. I like !


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