Saturday, October 12, 2013

15 ideas for bathroom storage

Like kitchens, bathroom is a room with lots of accessories ( shampoo, cosmetic products, perfumes, etc... ). Therefore, there are several storage ways and ideas for small bathroom and even bigger ones, the more accessories and things must be stored, the more storage ways must be efficient. 

Storage ideas are good for many reasons:
  • For a organized bathroom and clean one. 
  • Organized bathroom are always giving a feeling of comfort once you are in. 
  • An organized bathroom reflect the personality of its owners. 
  • Bathroom is one of the main room we check. so a organized bathroom with clever storage ideas is a good point when you want to buy your house. 
  • etc...
I have been checking and browsing the web for ideas of storage. i think the common points and specificity between these ideas are : 
  • Shelves and racks for storage. 
  • Sliding shelves for bigger bathrooms. 
  • Gadgets for storing products.

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