Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A chic apartment in Wilanow, Warsaw

This apartment is located in Wilanow, Warsaw. A chic, modern and elegant interior design project done by the architect here, Chic in a minimalist way : clear, clean and sophisticated lines. a unique color which reign the whole design of the apartment.

As cited above, located in Warsaw, the alpha-global city known for its modernity in design and sky crappers all above Poland. This project reflected somehow the look of this city.

My take on this project :

Well first of all, i appreciated the work done here, but while visualizing the photos, i had this idea that it need a lively touch : some indoor plants ( the bamboo plant, the snake plant ) would break this chic atmosphere.
Much hype for the bathroom, i really liked the bath tub and design of the bathroom.

This project was done by : MOSZCZYNSKA PUCHALSKA


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