Friday, August 9, 2013

10 bookshelves design ideas - part IV

I love bookshelves, they are essential in every house. a bookshelf is not just a furniture for storing our books, they can be a great home decor tool, 
here is a list of 10 creative ideas for a bookshelf, the creativity and the originality of each one of these differ from the form to saving space. This is the part four of a collection of posts i started a month ago for bookshelves. 

a bookshelf with sliding cases, good idea and helpful when you want to save some space. 

I love this idea, sort your books by the ones you have already read and the ones you will be reading. 

This is a huge one and need some space but it offers a place for your books and some space for reading with a great lighting. 

An old refrigerator used for storing book, well this is good idea for recycling a broken refrigerator. but the books will be hidden. but still a great idea.

Very clever and creative one : books develop our imagination and our culture. a bookshelf in the form of a head.

A magic bookshelf, i think this idea is realizable I've seen many diy projects for this bookshelf. this one is very clever for saving space and adding a nice touch of decor..

This one is simple but still great, minimalist and unique in a way. the bookshelves have enough space for storing 5-10 books, another thing that wall is just great and suitable for the color and the style of the bookshelf. Plus, the book cases can change their from. 

The unique and original detail about this one is the form. the books are sorted by the color of their cover. this is what makes it a nice elegant one.

Bookshelves don't always need to be bounded in a wall. the great thing about this one is that it can be moved from a place to another, and this is a great advantage when always changing the decor of your reading room and your house in general.


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