Friday, July 26, 2013

The beauty of Moroccan tiles ( Zellige )

Good evening,

Moroccan tiles ( Zelige ) is one of masterpieces of the Moroccan interior design, a hand-made fantastic combination of colors and details. When you see this kind of tiles, you'd probably have the impression that the craftsman behind those creations ( Maalems ) are perfectionist.

Most of Moroccan tiles have mosaic designs inspired by a rich and diversified culture reflected by historical inheritance. most of those creation have blue, green as main colors.  tow colors that reflects water and gardens, both elements you could always see and love when you enter in one of the Moroccan riads.

Yes, a hand-made. 

Moroccan tile can be place in all rooms ( bathrooms, kitchens, wall..)

Blue-white fantastic creation 

I really love this one : minimalist and clean. 


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