Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saving space with slidings doors

Hello !

We have done some renovation last month, well we almost change and renovate the whole design of a floor, so different technicians were involved. While renovating, we had to add a new room and that one was too small, the carpenter suggested us a great idea to save some space we needed : A sliding door, he convinced me that its feasibility is not that hard and will save lot of space ( about 1 meter ) and will add an elegant touch. I have to admit i found the idea very clever, especially when he finished working on it.

I've been searching for design ideas for sliding doors and i really liked what I've seen in internet, magazines..
i don't know why people don't use them a lot even tough they have a lot of advantages :

  • A space saver. 
  • A great object of design and decor. 
  • You can use them to separate two rooms without wasting money in investing in two doors. 
The only problem with sliding doors is their sound, a bit annoying but i found out that there are some tips to make them silent, so no problem if you apply some of these tips. 

Get inspired and start thinking about one of these sliding doors in your place. : )
Good night.


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