Monday, June 10, 2013

Inspiring wood mirrors

Hey everyone,

Wood is one of my favorite decor component, it always gives an elegant aspect wherever it's used, I blogged and posted some few days ago a post about wood barrels and how they are used as an object of decor in different ways.

The problem with wood and the thing i can't stand about the creations made is that it's not an ecological component, all those home decor objects made of it have been brought to the market after destroying lot of trees. i'd be more convinced if those house decor houses had planted trees to grow whenever they extract wood from forests and they could do it. Unfortunately, I believe that this lobby power will always be overcoming ours.

Anyway, my love for woods creations pushed me to blog about some fancy mirrors, I'm listing some of them in this post, hope they inspire you. Don't forget to tell your fav one in the comment section below.

Good night.


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