Wednesday, May 29, 2013

For a good guest first impressions : Elegant house numbers


House numbers often attract me and sometimes make me want to discover what's behind the doors they are put in. A house with an elegant house number attract people and give them a good impression about your house even they never get in.

There are tons of house numbers in the market, they differ from each other with the components they are made of, the way they are presented, their size. For me the more a house number is big, the more it is attractive and elegant.

I collected a list of elegant, original house numbers that inspired me and made me think of mine and how simple and less elegant is.

Here you go.

A vintage one that could make you think that it was taken from a train station.

This one is simple. I like the font of the numbers and the position of the number. 

The color is so important. it has to go with the whole aspect of the door. 

A house number printed in a pot : clever idea but it's less remarkable. the factor need to do some efforts lol

Another clever idea..

One word : Chic

This one is my favorite one. Cool one! 

Most of house numbers are placed on doors which is a good choice as those two last models show. 


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