Friday, May 31, 2013

5 tips to decorate your house without wasting much money

Decorating/Renovating a house is an investment that need a fortune sometimes, home decor is not that cheap and some times cost our whole year savings, i have been thinking about tips to decorate/renovate home decor without wasting money or investing in a big fortune. Here you go.

1- Go to your local flea market.

I love chilling in flea markets, sellers there offer different things with a reasonable price, actually these things are used but some times they look new, you can find there lot of stuff to decorate your house ( drawings, house, clocks, tables, chairs etc..)

2- Sell used stuff in your house.

We all have in our houses some stuff we don't use but we don't know what do with them, why you take a day and collect all used things and put them online to sell them, that will generate a good income to start with in investing for renovating your house decor.

3- Go to low-cost stores.

House decor is not about investing a fortune to buy expensive things, it's about the idea, know what to buy in the right time and from the good seller, low cost stores for decor offer good stuff, not made like the way those expensive products are made of, but at least you can use them to give an elegant touch. remember it's not about the price, it's about the adding value to your house.

4- Save money for sales.

house decor designers, stores often offer good and encouraging prices in the sales period. when that time in the year comes, you need to be ready for with a amount to invest in. check websites, news, talk to friends working there about, because some times it's a mouth to ear policy.

5- Buy used products online

There are a lot of interesting stuff to buy online from people who need money, dont use them anymore, so it'd be like an exchange, you sell used stuff in your house to people who need them and you buy used stuff from people. you can even exchange with people online used stuff or your friends/family. not all house decor stuff are sold in those stores.

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