Saturday, February 21, 2015

Carpets in kitchens : Yay or Nay ?

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Are you one of those who find the idea of putting a carpet in kitchen is a good idea or the ones who do not. If you still didn't choose your side, or maybe you have no idea of the result of this idea.. we will find out today..: )

I believe that making carpets is an Art. Why ? A carpet is not just a piece of tissue or fabric.. A carpet is more than that: It's a complicated process of production ( i'm talking here about the hand made ones )

Finding this great combination of colors and mixing them into a piece of Art is a way of creativity and ingenuity.

Ok.. We know carpets are essentially used in living rooms, house entries, rooms.. but using / putting them in kitchens is less widespread all over the world.. but after browsing many photos... I found out that the this can be a plus for an original kitchen and bring a Mediterranean touch.

seen on architecuraldigest

Seen on heatherzick

Seen on desiretoinspire

Seen on alovelylark

Seen on domainehome

Seen on dear-abigail

Seen on blog.styleestate

Seen on remodelista

So yay or nay ? : )

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