Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Organizing and storing bathroom towels - 3 ways and 18 ideas/models

A well organized bathroom is a bathroom with organized bathroom furniture and accessories. main furniture of a bathroom is ( in my opinion ) bath towels, there must be at least 3/4 towels for bathroom ( guests, hands, and towels for shower ). in this case, we are dealing with a furniture that needs some space and some ideas for organization and storage. this post is about how to organize and store bathroom towels. 

well, there are three ways to organize and store bathroom towels : 

Wall storage, towels racks and shelves. 
  • Wall storage:
This way needs some space on the walls and for the bathroom in general. and it must be done and built before. so, for new bathrooms, think of building some space for storage an for towels storage. if you have already built your bathroom. i think next choices are for you.

  • Towel racks :
Towel racks are practical and useful, available in the market with several designs, composition ( allu, wood..)
there are lots of towels racks made and ready to use. in the market ( posted 2 items i found on Amazon if you are interested )

  • Shelves :
shelves have always been a great tool and way for storing and organizing stuff ( books, perfumes...) and why not bathroom towels. you can make them yourself or buy ready shelves to use or just ask your to prepare them for you based in your desired design.

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