Saturday, August 17, 2013

10 carpet stairs design ideas


First of all, i'm sorry. it took me a so long to update this blog and fb page. been out for some days.
When i was on vacation been thinking about lot of new blog entries. one of these blog entries i'm starting this is this one i wanted to publish about : carpet stairs.

There are really a lot of advantages of installing a carpet stairs, and there are lot of designs, models and colors which offer a large choice for picking up one for our houses.

Comfort, less sound, more elegant and eye-catching floors, safety :

They help reducse the sound and noise of the classic wooden floors;
No scubs;
Large choice of design and colors;
Easy to install ( Video )

I managed to pick 10 models i liked browsing staircase carpet designs and models, Most of them are stripped, i really prefer this sort of carpet stairs.  Here is the list: : )


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