Saturday, July 6, 2013

For a better kitchen organization : 40 Kitchen organization ideas


Kitchen organisation is one of the main tasks in a house, Kitchen need care and some perfectionism for a instant organisation and saving space. 

that's why there are a lot of ideas, tips, gadgets that can help you with this. 
i'm posting a list of 40 of these tips and ideas.

If i need to sum up all the tips pictured in these photos, i will say that for a clever kitchen organisation you need to :

  •  Store like items together in zones.
  •  Store your utensils out in the open, in an urn, crock or ceramic pitcher.
  •  Use cleverly the kitchen space and always thinking of getting rid of unused items or at least store them in a  place or a space reserved for this task.
  •  Use matching storage containers, they can help you sort your items and add an organizational look for your  kitchen. 
  •  Manage space to have easy access to dishes.
  •  Use baskets inside the refrigerator, they help a lot for sorting like items. 
  •  Do not be LAZY. : )

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