Monday, June 3, 2013

The Moroccan interior design style

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I'm so into the Andalusian interior style. I live in Casablanca, Morocco but the problem is Casablanca interior design doesn't reflect the real Moroccan interior design, Casablanca houses are inspired by the french style, and few years ago, by the american style, especially the kitchens. People here start discovering and being inspired by the american style of kitchens. 

Ok, that's not our subject of today: we are not going to talk about Casablanca interior style, but the Moroccan interior design as the world knows it. Even tough, i'm so inspired by the Scandinavian style, but the basics and the culture of interior design, i have them Moroccan inherited from my parents.  

Fes, Essaouira, Marrakesh, Tangiers reflect the real interior design of Morocco. you just need to go visit some of the riads in the cities i mentioned and you will discover the originality of this style, inspired by the Andalusian, Mediterranean style: The red color, soft lighting, tiles, large living rooms ( for guests; which describes the hospitality of Moroccan ) are the things that make this style special. I'm sure i'll write in the few days coming other posts about this style and its specificity, the Andalusian style. 

Some photos of the Moroccan interior design style. Hope you like what you see. 



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