Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Facebook has been suspended !

Good evening,

I had a strange problem with Facebook yesterday and when i say strange i mean it.
Well, i'm managing a Facebook page as you know, and for some reasons i decided yesterday to add the rule administrator to another account, so i can prevent the loss of my facebook page, well i logged in to my facebook account and went to the facebook page panel, and i've added the account, a windows appeared asking my to write my password, well i did but i failed in the first try, a window appeared then, saying that someone may have accessed your account ! and they asked me to send them my ID Card to prove them i'm the right person with the right account ( YES FACEBOOK ASKED ME THAT ) without thinking i sent them a photo of my id card and they asked me they'll response me later ( no sign since yesterday ) i went to Google and started to search for similar situation like mine, and i found exactly a person posting about the same problem he had. and he told them that the process of recovering their facebook account took him 3 weeks!

Now, i dont have access to my account, i'm not managing my Facebook page.
Ok, First question : how can Facebook set a similar process, i mean we are human everyone can fail to type their passwords, and how can Facebook ask people their confidential papers ( they asked me my ID Card or Passpor or...Yes ! )

This is weird, weird, weird!
To all my Facebook page followers, it won't be updated since my account is suspended. and for everyone reading this post! pay attention when typing your password when trying to assign the administrator role to another account, otherwise you'll be in the same situation like me! Eww

Good night. 


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