Friday, June 7, 2013

Growing radishes is easy

Good evening,

If you haven't started growing radishes yet, it's time to do it. for me,radishes are the easiest to grow, you can grow them easily in containers and they don't need much care ( but don't ignore them ).

i don't have a garden, but in the terrace i'm growing some plants, flowers in containers, one of these plantations are radishes, i started growing them 2 months ago and now they have already started to get that red/pink colors.

Following the steps i made :

1- Buy a container ( not a big one, 6 inches in the depth of soil are sufficient and 2 feet for large )
2-  Put some soil, and start putting your seeds ( radishes seeds are not that expensive, the packet contains about 100 seeds ;) )
3- firm the soil and water gently.

I'll post tomorrow some photos of my radishes and i'll keep this post updated, so i can encourage you growing them.

Before i started growing them, i have been browsing some video to know how i can do that. by the way lot of videos on Youtube show how to grow them.

Here the one i watched before growing them.
Radishes seeds


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