Interior colors combinations #3 - Lime Green/ Aqua Blue

This is the third edition of the interior color combinations series. This evening i decied to choose a happy combination. Happy ? yes. For me this combination is one of the happiest combination of colors for its brightness and clearness.

Two colors of life : Lime green for greenery and it goes well with some interior plants ( cactus, spider plant..) and the aqua blue if a symbol of another main element of life : water. Aqua blue gives more comfort to the eyes and it attracts eyes with its brightness. 

This combination is used for living room, kids rooms and why not outdoor places as you will see in one of these photos. It's clear that it's not that used by families and that's why it remains too original for me and different. 

One, two and seven are my favorite carrying out of this lively combination. What about you ? : )